Cut Out

Bojan Jablanovec

One of the creative principles of theatre director Bojan Jablanovec is a reduction of theatre to the relationship between a performer and a spectator in a real time and space. Theatre show that wants to question this relationship demands of every performer to ask him or herself the following questions: What do I want to get across? Does my message deserves to be presented? Is this really what I want to show? In this way a methodological auto-negation can be one of the means of investigating the basis of a theatrical situation.

Premiere: 09/04/2009
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana


Bojan Jablanovec
with assistance of Katarina Stegnar

directed by

Bojan Jablanovec

created and performed by

Gyula Cserepes
Luke Dunne
Katja Legin
Lada Petrovski
Ana Štefanec
Kaja Janjić k.g.



executive producer
Marjeta Lavrič

The program of EN-KNAP is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana - Departement for Culture.