Sebastijan Horvat

Bertolt Brecht`s teaching piece about the spread of communism in China has been banned for a long time and was staged in Germany only seven times. One of the most sought after young Slovene theatre directors, Sebastijan Horvat, took the risk of using this “forbidden text” and, by combining bodies in motion with visual art elements, has given a completely new dimension to it’s interpretation.   

Premiere: 26/11/2008
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana

Four agitators are being investigated by the party’s court about their guilt (innocence), because they killed the youngest comrade while spreading the ‘communistic idea’ in China. To convince the court about the necessity of their decision, they illustrate his behaviour in some crucial situations. The young comrade is in his heart passionately devoted to the communistic idea, but still his actions are damaging, until he finally becomes dangerous for the revolutionary movement. Brecht: “The Decision wasn’t written for the audience, but as a lection for the actors. As the experience shows, its realization in front of the audience in them evokes only moralistic affects, usually the lower kind.”


concept and choreography
Sebastijan Horvat

created and performed by
Luke Dunne
Katja Legin
Tomáš Nepšinský
Ana Štefanec
Ilkem Ulugün

set design and light
Sebastijan Horvat

Nejc Saje

iz zakladnice evropske kulture

light design
Zoran Grabarac

costume design

Belinda Radulović

sound design
Matej Ocepek production:

executive producer
Tina Dobnik

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.