Matjaž Farič

Well-composed, intense contemporary dance performance of mathematical precision, this work, set to the music of Igor Stravinsky, is created by Slovenia’s most productive choreographer of the last 20 years, Matjaž Farič.   

Premiere: 16/04/2007
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana

The performance deals with dance as a metaphor for life, from which the choreographer establishes order as the beginning impulse of any movement and dance, and with that in mind he does not wish to use it as a tool for narration, but as means for creating stage atmospheres.

The constant orders coming from contemporary time and environment are the main theme of the performance, performed with an individual dance language and words by 5 dancers from Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and England, that doesn’t happen in a logical chronological order, but is jumping between events of orders, which are so important and predominant, that they are imprinted in dancers’ memory. These orders form the core of some imperative, which the dancers confront and deal with, each in their own way, with their cultural- historical and personal differences.

On stage, parted by a diagonal, we are so to speak watching two performances: the first one is built from precise dance vocabulary that dancers use daily, and the second one from dancers’ personal experiences outside of the studio.


concept and choreography

Matjaž Farič

opening sequence

created and performed by
Luke Dunne
Katja Legin
Tomáš Nepšinský
Ana Štefanec
Ilkem Ulugün

set design and light
Matjaž Farič

music Igor Stravinsky – Capriccio za klavir and orkester
Movement for piano and orchestra

audio matrix

Matjaž Farič

costume design
Belinda Radulović

light design

Zoran Grabarac

sound design
Matej Ocepek



executive producer

Tina Dobnik

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.