In Between

Simone Sandroni,Lenka Flory

This high energy performance created on original score by Luigi Ceccareli and Gaetan van den Berg consists of two parts: The Earth and The Sky. Both bear the distinct signatures of Simone Sandroni and Lenka Flory, established choreographers and joint directors of Deja Donne dance company.

Premiere: 26/11/2007
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana

Earth (Lenka Flory)

Small and limited place. To get their place and position people suspect, seduce, dominate and loose, struggle, envy and fight. They look to the sky and think of happiness. "One day we will discover that we are not ourselves, but instead someone else who we really ought to be. One day we will dare to bare ourselves and with irony look at the figure that we used to call "me" - to laugh at its power, its confidence and truth, its crude naiveté. Earth is a battle, complete with vice, egoism, and privat aggression. It is like a medieval farce - fights, sex, and no mercy. No positive characters. In these situations, the bizarre narcissistic figures we watch are fuelled by lust and the desire for attention. In unspoken bitter hope the moral paradox of our bodies is revealed - our bodies are the proverbial vessels of sin, and yet in their naked and vulnerable they are the image of innocence."

Sky (Simone Sandroni)

Vast and borderless sky. People search for each other to avoid solitude. Finding each other they suspect, seduce, dominate and loose, struggle, envy and fight. They look back to the Earth and think of lost happiness. "Instead of flying we dug into the cold earth. We continued to fall, believing that the impact with the earth would allow us to penetrate it and understand it. In an impulse to obtain justice we sought the guilty, and found them stamped on the mirror of our conscience, small, without experience and scared. These were the ones we listened to and obeyed when they ordered us not to live but to do, not to listen but to speak, to protect ourselves with armour made of I MYSELF, the hardest, most futile material, just right to protect us against insecurity. The cold took us by surprise, in the dark we didn`t recognise each other anymore and became enemies. We began to strike ourselves with the strength of fear, of panic, and the blades of indifference." We were already there, but we searched for ourselves elsewhere."


concept and choreography

Lenka Flory (Zemlja)
Simone Sandroni

created and performed by
Luke Dunne
Katja Legin
Tomáš Nepšinský
Ana štefanec
Ilkem Ulugün

Luigi Ceccarelli
Gaetan van den Berg

Raffaele Petrucci

light design
Anže Kreč

set design
Simone Sandroni
Lenka Flory

costume design
Lavinia Cascone

technical manager
Anže Kreč

sound engineer
Matej Ocepek


artistic director
Iztok Kovač

executive producer
Tina Dobnik

Deja Donne

media sponsor

media partner

Bunker, Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana

Guiseppe Art decor d.o.o.

graphic design
Novi Kolektivizem

program writers
Lenka Flory
Simone Sandroni

ekg photographers
Simone Sandroni
arhiv Zavoda En-Knap

Katja Veber

thanks to
Stojan Pelko, Iztok Kovač, Miran Mohar, Darko Pokorn, Ervin Markošek, Tomaž Gorišek, Ana Rici, Marjana Tepina, Giulia Sandroni

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.