How I Caught a Falcon

Iztok Kovač

Under a cascade of white light Iztok Kovac begins and ends his solo: an image of himself as a falcon. He spins his arms with such a speed that they look like blurred bows. A vision of a man, who transcends his limitations and – during most of the performance – strings dance strategies, with which he creates and restrains such escapes. He tries-out different dance inserts on separate parts of Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, sometimes with meditative grace, at other times the stage is filled with his sudden start-ups and falls. There are moments when combinations of dancing and music, interchanging of ecstasy and silence are intoxicating, yet very brief. At the same time he tries to transcend his role from a dancer to a gymnast, a wizard and, using acrobatic tricks, to exalt it and place it into the sphere of magic. During the final part of the performance he dances to a explosion of “hard rock”, which changes his movements into something much more aggressive and destructive. As if a lively dancer-magician turned into somebody militant.
Judith Mackell (The Independent, 6 May 1993)  

Premiere: 08/02/1991
Dom svobode, Trbovlje


choreographed and performed by
Iztok Kovač

Franz Schubert
Rosvita Jež

lighting design
Miran Suštersšič
Guy Peeters

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.