Inception 2011

Leta 2010 je EN-KNAP Productions released a public tender for all interested parties and individuals of various types of performing arts to participate in a new project titled Zametki (Inception). As the organiser of Inception and manager of Španski Borci Cultural Centre, EN-KNAP offered the complete infrastructure of the cenre, technical support, and support in the organisation and promotion of the event.

Inception was a type of review of original and never before publicly presented or staged creative ideas and visions with the aim of encouraging the flow of ideas, insight into the creative process of performing arts, and establishing new creative and production liaisons. The event continued with socialising and party in Internacionala Cafe in Španski Borci.


10 december 2010 from 18.00

18.00 – meet and greet in Internacionala Cafe
18.30 - Iztok Kovač, Managing and Artistic Director of Španski Borci and EN-KNAP Productions: About the inception of Inception
18.45 – Sebastijan Horvat: Unrealised in Inception (from Anaïs Nin to Maneaters)
19.30 – Zavod Sploh: When I Grow Up, I Will Be a Performance
20.00 – Biro adkrajine d.o.o.: Presentation of exterior architectural arrangement of Španski Borci Cultural Centre as a place intended for socialising in an open area
20.30 – Luke Dunne (EnKnapGroup): Vanessa and me. The beginning was promising, buw what about now?

Production:  EN-KNAP Productions, December 2010