No Pasaran

Esad Babačić, the legendary journalist of an equally legendary programme Tednik on the national television, author of Šport in Čas programme  (TLP, Television Slovenia) hosted intriguiging public figures in the spirit of the Spanish fighters (Slovenian ’Španski Borci’ - the cultural center where whese events took place) without feigning or deceiving the public.

Videos of some of Esad’s NO PASARAN evenings:

Video of the interview with the president of the Slovenian Footbal Association, Aleksander Čeferin: on MMC.

Video of the interview with the motorcyclist Miranom Stanovnik a.k.a. The Desert Fox on MMC,

Video of the interview with the former star Slovenian footballer and president of the Maribor Football Club, Zlatko Zahovič on MMC.