Under the Eyelids

The latest production by Zagreb Dance Ensemble (Zagrebački plesni orkestar) in Španski Borci on 8 December. Under the Eyelids deals with the concept of desire and answers the question whether our needs are equally civilized as ourselves.


“This is us, vulnerable, isolated, entirely self-contained yet altogether at the mercy of the elements. The ship of Fools is sailing tonight and all of us are aboard.”
Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries

This piece researches into Desire and tensions it creates. Desire claims life, pleasure, self-fulfilment, freedom, but also causes frustration, denial, fear or disappointment. We live in a society, which is in discord with nature, trapped in domestic comfort of keeping control, following the set up rules. Are we ready to dive into the unknown?
We might be civilized but our needs might not.

Seven dancers. Seven dreams, seven wishes, seven possible conclusions, seven attempts to deconstruct identity.

The performance will be presented within Import-Export programme by EN-KNAP Productions.


A renowned contemporary dance company, Zagreb Dance Company has since its foundation remained uncompromising in its particular artistic expression. Zagreb Dance Company has educated a number of dancers and dance experts who are now working in Croatia and abroad. The Company has an enviable continuity of its work and has performed at all important festivals in Croatia and at all big theatre houses.  Abroad, the Company has taken part at important festivals and events. Continually working on professional education of its dancers, through collaboration with the renowned Croatian and foreign choreographers and pedagogues (Kilina Cremona, France; Norio Yoshida, France; Martin Sonderkamp, The Netherlands; Juan Carlos Garcia, Spain; Bebeto Cidra, Brasil; Emilio Gutierrez, Spain; Alexey Taran, Venezuela; Francesco Scavetta, Italy; Alexis Eupierre, Spain; Martine Pisani, France; Sahar Azimi, Israel; Bo Madvig, Denmark), the Company is constantly improving the level of its productions and techical excellency to match European standards.

Recent productions:
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Ogoljeno (koreograf/choreographer: S. Abramović-Milković, 2007)
Blink (koreograf/choreographer: Martine Pisani, 2008)
UTF-8 (koreograf/choreographer: Sahar Azimi, 2009)
Interface (koreograf/choreographer: S. Abramović-Milković, 2010)
Tri none (koreograf/choreographer: Ognjen Vučinić/Aleksandra Mišić, 2010).