The project CTRL-ART-DEL joins four independent pieces by members of EnKnapGroup: Gyula Cserepes, Tamás Tuza, Luke Thomas Dunne and Ana Štefanec. In four years, the group collaborated with 20 different Slovenian and international authors, created 13 performances and encountered a wide array of choreographic processes and genres.

In CTRL-ART-DEL, the dancers/authors faced the challenge of how to "reset" themselves before new joint projects with the ensemble: to analyse, deconstruct and re-assemble - reset - their expression as dancers, and open their individual artistic voices as authors. The members of the company were not only the authors in the projects but also took over the producer role.

Premiere: 10/04/2012
Španski Borci Cultural Centre


Gyula Cserepes: Primal

After seven years of working in the field of contemporary dance and theatre, in his piece Gyula retuns to his roots which included six years of folk dance, and studies the application of the elements from follk dance to performing arts. He approached this thorugh various tasks, such as walking and breathing, and through the use of percussion. 

"Látjátuk feleim szümtükhel, mik vogymuk: isa, por ës homou vogymuk..."
"Behold, brethren, with your own eyes, what we are. Behold, ’tis but dust and ashes that we are..."
/Halotti beszéd és könyörgés - Funeral sermon and prayer: the oldest Hungarian handwritten text in Latin characters dating from 1192-1195/

"Rhythm is the first information we receive. It is the bridge that guides us from the world before birth into this world when we are born. When you are in the mother’s womb, you hear the heart beat and the flow of blood; you feel the mother’s movement and you hear the rhythm of her speech. All of that is rhythm. You are not understanding what is happening, but you are feeling rhythm. As you grow, there are millions of brain cells that have to fire in a rhythmic synchronization in order for you to understand what is happening around you. Without the senso-motoric system, you could not move or think or make any sense of the world. That you can see or hear something is all based on rhythm."
/Reinhard Flatischler/

Author and performer_Gyula Cserepes / Light Design_Luka Curk
Thanks: Nina Eva Lampič, Katja Legin, Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik, Gregor Kamnikar, Domen Šega, Tamás Tuza, En-Knap, Bitnamuun

20 min



Tamás Tuza: Motionpicture (work in progress)

Tamas’s project is a scene from a work in progress titled Motion Pictures. The subject of scene that uses only pure dance, is how to »reset« himself as a dancer, analysing previous experiences with EN-KNAP, and setting himself for new challenges.

He goes to prison, which to him does not signify constraint and limitations but instead symoblises a space in which a person, an inmate, also deliberates from his past life and about what brought him there. Whereas before he was dispersed and involved in several projects at once, this "prison" to him is an allegory of being in one place, and being there a hundred percent.
In the end of this process, Tamas becomes a transformed person. He has gained awareness. He is now aware of how to manipulate his stage presence, how to present his dancing body in the theatre, and also getting a thorough knowledge about how it all works.

Author and performer_Tamás Tuza / Light Design_Leon Curk / Music_Illegal / Sound_Omar Ismail
10 min

Luke Thomas Dunne: Stream of Thought

"Insisting on an idea, or allowing rapid change. I open my imagination and allow my associations to flow, developing, rejecting, deconstructing, switching, feeling, repeating and interrelating.

Often in my private life I write, spontaneously, usually when something or someone affects me. I call them ‘writings’. In this research I aim to combine these writings with my movement and sound (DJ Woo-D), all in the principle of improvisation, in the principle of Stream of Thought." 

/Luke Thomas Dunne/


he can’t get passed countless but there’s only one

more not less than it would take to throw a coin to the bottom of

another thought passes


again and again until

he wishes for a warm rainy day

in a tent

somewhere south of the

he last memory he tasted…


Concept_Luke Thomas Dunne / Authors and performers_Luke Thomas Dunne and Woo-D / Music_Woo-D / Technical support_Luka Curk
15 min

Ana Štefanec: Your Story

Ana began her project researching her strengths in dance, and purifying herself from anything that makes her weak as a dancer. Upon realising that even the minute redundant movements and details in dance have the capacity to completely change the perception of the audience, she began researching how the audience percieves identical elements in movement in a radically different manner when the author simultaneously provides opposite lingustic instructions or cues.

In her piece, Ana plays with transitions from plus to minus, with opposite cues on the two sides, and with the fact the a single minute detail can alter the entire context, and the spectator’s peception with it. 

Author and performer_Ana Štefanec / Music_Marco beltrami, FL Studio 9 – homeless / Costume_Gea Erjavec / Technical support_Leon Curk, Omar Ismail
20 min

Duration: 100 minutes with a 15-minute pause. 


Iztok Kovač

authors, performers and producers
Gyula Cserepes, Tamás Tuza, Luke Thomas Dunne, Ana Štefanec

technical support
Leon Curk, Luka Curk, Omar Ismail

Miha Fras

graphic design


The performance is financially supported by City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, and Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia.