Por Sal y Samba

Por Sal y Samba is a duet that arises discussion on spectacle, iconography and sequentially. Spectacle is the chosen form to share the dance, a dance created to satisfy or create a particular vision of beauty. The sequentially in time I use to create ambivalence in the time-line of 20 minutes becomes by itself a failure on creating a spectacle: the tension is dropped without climax, and the spectacle is presented not enough spectacular. Bondage Sado-Masoquistic torture exposition, including pain and pleasure engagement, is presented frontal and establishing audience as a voyeur. This constant shift creates a great contradiction in the piece. It makes audience reconsider constantly its position in the situation.

Carles Casallachs’ formation and interests are a heterogeneous mixture. He is trying to interconnect and understand. In the body field, the followed a technique-philosophies list that starts in Barcelona with Latin & Ballroom dance, Jazz Musical, Mime, Spanish Folklore and Ballet. After studying Modern Dance in the Royal Academy in Madrid, he discovered post-modern dance and now is following his 3rd year in Choreography in SNDO Amsterdam. In the visual art field he studied Photography and Digital Media Creation and worked as a photographer and web designer. He’s lately into lack of presence, bad taste, sex, icons, power, fluids, pop, the end of the world...dancing following other choreographer stage fantasies and starting to develop his own work.
Artistic Direction: Carles Casallachs.
Performance: Clara Saito, Carles Casallachs.
Advice: Aitana Cordero.

Guest apprarance within Import-Export International Programme by EN-KNAP Productions that brings acclaimed productions from international contemporary art to Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana, and within the Spring Edition of Plesna Vesna Festival.

On 15. September 2012 in Španski Borci Cultural Centre.