Motion Pictures

15 february in Španski Borci Cultural Centre! The multimedia performance Motion Pictures by Omar Ismail and Tamás Tuza joins dance, video projections and music. Life as a movie projected onto the screen and viewed as thousands of images of minute everyday feelings.

Premiere: 28/09/2012
Španski Borci Cultural Centre 

I am alone. So are You. We, we are all alone together.
The road is long. In front of us, behind us. I’ve accepted that I’m this road alone.
Where does it lead? Nowhere else but to myself. From myself, from you, to myself, to you.
Just like stars, the fireflies of the sky. They die into themselves.
There is no plan. Only existence. The incidence. The moment. While you desire the future, looking at your past, you forget about your present. To be present, in the present.
I could be anything. You could be anything. We could be anything!
Together, in a way. Sometimes. But if not, that’s not a problem either.
We’ll meet each other in the sky.
The boats allow me fly, and not my thoughts. The Milkyway is our river.
Our souls are flying, shining on the horizon.
Many tiny lights. The flames of freedom.
Aimless, because their sole aim is their existence. Anything else is just a scam, just rules.
We might meet each other in our groove. If we need to. If we don’t, that’s not a problem either.
It’s enough for me to know that You are. Enough that You know that I am.
That we are.
Then let us be!



authors and performers
Omar Ismail & Tamás Tuza

Omar Ismail & OK Production

light design
Leon Curk

sound design, music

Gal Škrjanec Skaberne, Omar Ismail

technical assistance - light
Leon Curk

technical assistance - sound
Gal Škrjanec Skaberne

Tamás Tuza


public relations
Marija Zidar

executive producer
Karmen Keržar

thanks for assistance in the realisation of the performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Luka Curku, Katja Gabrijelčič, GLEJ Theatre, Grega Mohorčič, Živa Sekelj, Lumma Sz, Jaka Šimenc, Ana Štefanec, Julija Travančić and Aleksij Vukelić

special thanks
Šport Ljubljana


The performance was created with the financial assistance by the City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.