Maja Delak

The stage represents a bright reflection where one confronts one’s own double, the wild place of transformations and recognitions. It is like a pond in which the Narcissus sees himself and like the deep forest, in which the voice of Echo is lost in resonance.

Premiere: 20 December 2002
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

The performance Mezzanino by Maja Delak remains in the space between the wilderness and discipline, ancient mythology and realism, individuality and blending, birth and death, love and pain. The narrator of stories who breaks and catches the rhythms of dancers represents the sound image of the performance, generating different real and abstract landscapes, and the stage on which the dancers live becomes an infinite mirror, observing more than reflecting. Throughout exchanging roles, the characters in the performance seem to be in the centre of a cyclone, striving to attach to the identity of the body their voice, to mythology and poetry the reality of dance movement. Vanity is one of the subjects of the performance Mezzanino and at the same time also one of the main impulses for love, which is the story of all stories, thus love at first sight is actually love at the first movement, when the body disintegrates into the individualism of an embrace – into the sweetest solitude. (Irena Štaudohar)


concept and choreography

Maja Delak

created and performed by
Nhandan Chirco
Andrea Ruberti
Maja Delak

Irena Štaudohar

sound composition
Hanna Preuss

sound production
Borut Berden

set design

light design
Jaka Šimenc

costume design
Neda Hafner
Hanna A. W. Slak
Vlado Popovič

Nhandan Chirco
Andrea Ruberti
Maja Delak

executive producer
Marija Skodlar co-production
Cankarjev dom
DBM – Danse Bassin Mediterranea Network

in cooperation with
Studio Ritem
LRI & INRIA Futurs

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.