Maja Delak

In today`s flow of expectations, life demands that people are strong, that they hide in their sadness, where sadness is seen as a negative emotion. The mourning ritual brings a catharsis, it is a ritual through which mourners released their anguish and take time to get over their loss. Exercise your right to mourn.

Premiere: 18/06/2001
PTL, Ljubljana

Sadness and love are similar in their intensity, they are very close to each other; love often jumps into sadness, and love is what helps one overcome sadness. Sadness and love are related to each other, they trigger strong emotions, open you, cut you up and they can both enslave you.

Love is love towards brothers, it is the duty to preserve the family tradition, a value that is nowadays becoming lost; if you want, you can step out of the family anytime you like. Western society has concentrated the word love into one single notion, into pure excess. Love is the most important thing in life. It tells its own stories and the stories of time.

At any given moment we can only ever wear one mask. When we wear it on stage, attention is redirected from the face to the hands, to the body; the body starts to speak through movement. A mask is a place in which you are closed. It gives you comfort, covers your face, you present yourself differently with it on. Through movement, it is easier to send out energy; people`s blindness is their own mask; because of society one hides beneath it and adjusts. A mask involves strangeness. With it, you are something you are not. People often think they can hide under a mask, but in fact they reveal themselves even more by wearing a certain mask at a certain time. A mask is a metaphor - is shows and hides. A mask is its own world.

Suicide as a mix of circumstances … perhaps suicide is a way of keeping one`s faith. When you die once, you can no longer die again. Suicide draws you somewhere backwards, so you cross over the line. Suicide is an act that is too terminal and absolute. Let your hope always be there!

Chorus is a composition, a narrative moment dictating the dynamics of movement. An individual is in contrast to the chorus. An individual and the chorus are respectively like a unique character and the others. In Greek tragedy, the chorus brings a wider view than the individual, it speaks of history, involves gods, knowledge, vision. At a given moment, the individual steps out from the chorus, the chorus can support him or her. The chorus is authority which advises, but leaves it up to the individual to make a decision.

Any person is a unique character in a way, has his or her own style and expression. Unique characters are attractive. You are what you live, so live what is in you. You stick out if you are outside the frameworks of society, and society pushes you away, it wants to keep a rein on you. It is interesting to keep company with unique characters, they bring a different quality of life. Moving solely within averageness means losing the magic of life, and missing out on reaching the extremes and limits of human survival.

6agon is Ana, Barbara, Bara, Nataša, Neda and Špela


performed by
Neda Hafner
Barbara Kanc
Bara Kolenc
Špela Medved
Ana Štefanec
Nataša Živkovič

Sutek, Robert Normandeau, Ambient System 4


Damjan Delak set design
Marko Peljhan

costume design, mask, drawing and design
Neda Hafner

light and set design
Jaka Šimenc

Karla Železnik

executive producer
Marija Skodlar


With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture and raziskovalno dejavnost.