Ant Ferocious

Iztok Kovač

Once upon a time, there lived Ant Ferocious. She teased and bullied other ants while they were working, she burped and farted constantly, destroyed all the pots at the market, and attacked a bull – eating all of it, horns and all. But this sort of behavior did not bring her far in life. Soon, no one wanted to play with her, and there was no one to tease and bully anymore. All the other ants, bulls, pot-makers and children ran away from her. There was nothing else to destroy and ruin. She was left all alone among the destruction and the ruins.

And then she realized that bad behavior and destruction are no good, and that life can be much more pleasant when we live in peace and harmony with people and things around us.

Although Ant Ferocious treated the other ants badly, they do not hold it against her, and accept her back in the group. They give her an opportunity to repair the damage she has caused. While cleaning up the mess that Ant Fericous has made, they dance and sing together, and they are the happiest when you, children, join them on the stage.

The interactive performance for the youngest audiences (2 to 6 years old) is based on the well-known Slovenian children’s song Huda Mravljica written by Branko Rudolf and Marijan Vodopivec. The song presents a fille rouge in the performance, and is given a new ending – as it so often happens in folk songs. Through music, dance and spoken word, the performance tells a simple story about growing up, taking responsibility and cooperation.

Španski Borci Cultural Centre
Premiere 16/05/2014_6 pm
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idea, directed by_
Iztok Kovač

created and performed by_EN-KNAP Group - Luke Thomas Dunne, Ana Štefanec Knez, Tamás Tuza, Giorgia Belotti, Rada Kovačević, Radoslav Piovarči

original cast_ Luke Thomas Dunne, Ida Hellsten, Bence Mezei, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza, Tanja Skok

original music, music advisor_
Tomaž Grom

costume design_
Barbara Stupica

set design_

light design_
Luka Curk


dramaturgic consultant_
Jera Ivanc

Miha Fras

technical coordinator_
Jaka Šimenc

technical realisation_
Gal Škrjanec Skaberne, Omar Ismail, Luka Curk

Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec

Jera Ivanc

Based on Huda mravljica by Branko Rudolf and Marijan Vodopivec


Gledališče Koper

executive producer_
Marjeta Lavrič


supported by_
City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.