Bal Moderne

Bal Moderne is coming to Ljubljana on 16 June at 8 pm!

On 16 June at 8 pm you are welcome to join Bal Moderne on Kongresni Trg Square in Ljubljana, presented within the June in Ljubljana Festival!

Le Bal Moderne was invented in 1993 by Michel Reilhac. It’s a unique, participatory experience that opens the world of contemporary dance up to a very wide audience in an exceptionally joyous way. For twenty years now the Bal Moderne has steadily increased its fan-base throughout the world, proving time and again, the universality of its appeal.

For the last 20 years, the Bal Moderne’s continued aim has been to cultivate its unique, double identity: it is both a rich artistic project and a meaningful social event. Its close relationship with contemporary artists and their creativity distinguishes the challenge of Bal Moderne from other collective dance experiences such as flashmobs or folk bals.

The concept is simple: 3 short choreographies of 3 or 4 minutes that have been specially made for people with no experience in dance, are taught to a wide public over the course of an evening’s Bal. Each dance takes approximately 45 minutes to master and is taught in an atmosphere of concentrated fun, totally unlike a conventional dance class or an intimidatlely fashionable discotheque.

In Ljubljana, the choreographies of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Wim Vandekeybus and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will be taught to the gathered crowd!

The moment the process begins, so does the pleasure, as, although the dances are not simple, they are taught in such a way that no exercising or memorizing is necessary. People of all ages and walks-of-life are to be found dancing together, often hand in hand. Those who are convinced that they have two left feet are most amazed by their innate ability!

All the Bal Moderne dances have been created either by well know contemporary choreographers or new talents-in-the-making. It is the choreographers themselves, or other chosen professionals, who teach the dance to the public in an encouraging and light-hearted way, but one that, nevertheless, imparts the artistic essence of the dance as well as the steps.

Specially recruited local dance fans – ‘assistants’ or ‘ambassadors’ -— are taught the dances a few days or weeks prior to the Bal and then, during the Bal itself, dance amongst the public wearing a Bal Moderne T shirt or other distinctive accessory that makes them stand out as visual prompts for the participants. Moreover, the energy and enthusiasm of these volunteers helps spread confidence and warmth, thus encouraging the wider audience to abandon their inhibitions and join in the dance.

In Ljubljana, Bal Moderne is presented within the June in Ljubljana Festival, on 16 June at 8 pm at Kongresni Trg Square.

In the case of bad weather, the event will take place an hour later, at 9 pm, in Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Zaloška 61, Ljubljana.

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