Take a Chance on Dance

In 2015, Iztok Kovač and EnKnapGroup present TAKE A CHANCE ON DANCE, an internationally-oriented sequel of its 2010 hit performance Beware, Dance. The new performance retains the youthful formula of the original, which turned out to be a hit among by nearly 10,000 spectators – a unique achievement in Slovenian dance.

The young international dance company EnKnapGroup presents the mysteries of contemporary dance through an attractive mix of video, projections, conversations and dance.

The new performance expands the topic of the original performance to the international sphere, and is a thrilling overview of the international history of contemporary dance in the 20th century. It examines its origins, and presents some of the key choreographers, authors and historical figures from the field of contemporary dance and movement theatre.

The performance effectively explains to young audiences in a clear form what contemporary dance is all about, clearing out misunderstandings, and is an essential introduction to this art form. Attractive visual image, music, inter-media elements and an outstanding creative team assure a unique theatre experience.

In its glowing review of Beware, Dance, the main Slovenian daily Delo argued that it’s not just a dance performance but above all an “outstanding didactic class on contemporary dance”, and should be seen not only by general audiences, but mostly by both high school youth and their teachers.

Take a Chance on Dance strives to bring this goal to the next level!

Everything that we’ve always wanted to ask about dance, but never came around to do!



Concept and direction:
Iztok Kovač

Created and performed by EnKnapGroup:
Luke Thomas Dunne
Ida Hellsten
Lisa Magnan
Bence Mezei
Noriko Nishidate
Anja Rupnik
Ana Štefanec
Tamás Tuza

Used segments from the performances and films produced by EN-KNAP Productions:
“OTTETTO”, “My Kingdom for a Horse” and “S.K.I.N.” by Iztok Kovač,
“In Between” and “Not Made for Flying” by Simone Sandroni,
“Dramaturgy of Rebellion” by Csaba Molnár,
“20th Century Fog” by Matjaž Zupančič,
“Vašhava” by Sašo Podgoršek

Video/Graphic design:

Drago Ivanuša, Tomaž Grom, John Zorn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Fabritio Caroso, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Léo Delibes, Igor Stravinski, Jerome Kern, Gaetan van den Bergh, Charo Calvo, Miquel Casaponsa

Sašo Podgoršek

Light design:
Luka Curk

Set design:
Iztok Kovač, Luka Curk, Komposter

Costume design:

Articulation of contents:
Iztok Kovač, Tanja Skok, EnKnapGroup
Rehearsal director for EnKnapGroup:
Tanja Skok
Texts read by:
Nada Vodušek
Historical dances reconstruction:
Tanja Skok
Technical realisation:
Luka Curk, Omar Ismail, Hotimir Knific
Costume makers:
Katarina Škaper, Marija Pogačnik
Andrej Lamut

Produced by: EN-KNAP Productions
Executive producer: Karmen Keržar

Supported by City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture
Sponsor: MK Light & Sound

The operation "EKG, Contemporary Dance Company" is implemented through the instrument "New Career Perspectives II". The operation is part financed by the European Union and is being carried out within the “Operational Programme for Human Resources Development”, priority axis "Reinforcing social inclusion" activity field "Increased employability of vulnerable groups in the field of culture and support to their social inclusion”.

In creating the text for the performance, we used the Introduction by Emil Hrvatin and contribution by John Martin (The Modern Dance, 1933) from the miscellany “Theories of Contemporary Dance, 2001”, and the article by Bojana Kunst (An autonomous body) from the miscellany “An Impossible Body, 1999”. Both miscellanies were published by Maska Publishing.

We would like to thank to John Zorn for kindly granting his permission to use the following music works: The Prestidigator, Ujaku and Snagglepuss, from the albums Torture Garden and Naked City, (1990). The composition Octet by Igor Stravinsky was performed by Branimir Slokar Academy Ensemble, conducted by Živa Ploj Peršuh.

Passers-by were interviewed by: Miha Brajnik, Marjeta Lavrič, Julija Travančić and Katja Gabrijelčič.

The renaissance dress is private property of Ana Štefanec; it was desgined by Jasna Vastl. The baroque dress was designed by Tanja Skok and Katarina Škaper. The ballet dress is property of Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana.

For their assistance and consultation in the creation of the performance, we would like to thank: Janez Janša, Blaž Lukan, Matjaž Zupančič and Mateja Rebolj.