Maja Delak,Mala Kline

Love calls, marking a rise to verticality, a new clarity, a sharper resolution. When we expose ourselves to this light, we notice that our very presence casts a shadow, and we are tossed into a battle of projections. Yet, we remain closed to the world in a heart-tied, bound, and inexpressible body. We fight the emergence of something that seeks to be said, a new dimension, a new use, a new illusion. We seek a higher resolution. The ephemeral home of love.

How can we, in a world of technology and high-power digital resolution, connect to the essence of our inner drives? To use our capacities to deepen our expressivity and interconnectivity? Or are these things imperceptible and inaccesible at higher resolutions of the digital era? (Jana Wilcoxen)

Premiere: 08/10/2004
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana


created and performed by
Maja Delak
Mala Kline

Mauricio Ferlin

light and set design
Jaka Šimenc

sound composition and piano
Hana Preuss

costume design
Davorka Požgan

technical manager
Miha Zupan

sound technician
Peter Žerovnik

sound manager
Damjan Delak pr
Karla Železnik

EN-KNAP executive producer
Marija Skodlar

production assistants
Jana Wilcoxen
Jelka Pekolj

Mesto žensk
Zavod Bunker/Stara elektrarna

Elektro Ljubljana

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.