Sixteen Turns

"What we cannot change, we have to at least describe." (Fassbinder)

Sixteen turns is a theatre performance without performers which was borne out of the initiative of the light designer Jaka Šimenc who has worked in collaboration with Zavod EN-KNAP for many years. The performance is a logical extension of a bustling development of theatre art at the end of the previous century which has become more visual, pushing the actor and the spoken word into the background and has thus increasingly become a pleasure for the eyes. Consequently, the so-called ‘support` areas have become much more autonomous and independent. For that reason, Šimenc invited artists from various fields to collaborate: Samo , in charge of scenography , Aleš Mustar , looking after the text, the area of visual arts is in the hands of Nejc Saje , and sound design is the responsibility of Jure Vlahovič .The artists then worked together – in co-authorship – to ‘physically` eliminate the actor. They have, however, preserved to a degree the core of the art of theatre – the text. The intention behind the performance lies in a detailed examination of all expressive potentials of the abovementioned theatrical elements and proves that they can exist independently on the stage, without performers.

Premiere: 19/09/2005
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana


idea and authorship
Jaka Šimenc

performed by
Aleš Mustar
Jaka Šimenc
Jure Vlahovič
Nejc Saje
Samo technical managers
Zoran Grabarac
Miha Zupan pr
Karla Železnik

executive producer
Jana Wilcoxen production assistants
Petra Nartnik
Karla Železnik co-production
Bunker Ljubljana/Stara elektrarna


general media sponsors
Media sponsors
Fini oglasi

The program of EN-KNAP is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana - Departement for Culture.