Iztok Kovač

Performance for brave children (5+)

Iztok Kovač has, together with the dancer of EnKnapGroup, created a new children’s performance named Hellhound. The performance, based on a children’s song written by Marijan Vodopivec, challenges the children to raise their courage – at home, at school or among friends and it addresses, in a unique way, the theme of violence. A group of vicious hounds are terrorising the area, when they are suddenly confronted by the She-devil. But, as the song claims, she is even more devilish than the hounds. What will she do? Will the hairy mutts end up in the stew or not? How will this tale end?


Choreography and directed by: Iztok Kovač
Scenario based on Hud pesjan by Marijan Vodopivec: Iztok Kovač, Jera Ivanc
Performed by: EN-KNAP Group (Ana Štefanec Knez, Tamás Tuza, Giorgia Belotti, Rada Kovačević, Radoslav Piovarči)
Original music, music advisor: Tomaž Grom
Costume design: Barbara Stupica
Set design: Barbara Stupica in Zavod EN-KNAP
Costume assistant: Katarina Škaper
Costume production: Atelje d.o.o.
Light design: Leon Curk
Video: Omar Ismail
Dramaturgic consultant and voice: Jera Ivanc

Rehearsal Director (unitl September 2017): Tanja Skok
Rehearsal Director (after September 2017): Nohemi Barriuso
Technical coordinator: Jaka Šimenc
Technical realisation: Leon Curk, Gal Škrjanec Skaberne, Omar Ismail

Performing in the TV quiz: Arne Vidiček, Ava Nuria Reba Abramovici, Bela Su Reba Abramovici, Elisa Dobrecovič Mohar, Gaj Črnič, Hugo Fras, Lucian Požlep, Martin Lajovic, Oskar Melon, Pika Črnič, Pino Kovač, Ravi Petrovski Ternovšek, Uma Ismail

Illustration and design: nejaaka
Photography and video: Andrej Lamut
Executive producer: Marjeta Lavrič
Assistant producer: Karmen Keržar

Production: EN-KNAP Productions

Thanks to: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, dr. Karmen Šterk, dr. Heleni Smrtnik Vitulić And Aljaž Marko Golob.

Sponsor: Kakadu.si

Supported by: City of Ljubljana - Department of Culture, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.