Yasmine Hugonnet

Re-play is a dance production that works with simple principles of memory and transposition. I’m interested by the attempt and the failures to re-embody the other. What does it feel to get in your skin? Where does it take us when I try to replay you and then you replay me…RE is a role that is available and invisible, it is a matching point of memories…
Yasmine Hugonnet

Premiere: 05/07/2006
PTL, Ljubljana

Re play Re start Replay Re Start Re-member the play Re member Replayed Resemblance Re wind Remembered dissemblance Re embody presence Re place embodiment Re present Replay Re end

The young Italian-Swiss choreographer and dancer YASMINE HUGONNET was raised in Mali and France, has worked in Taiwan and Norway, and now lives in Paris. She studied at the National Conservatory of Paris and in Rotterdam (NL) in the postgraduate program Dance Unlimited.

In her work, she is fascinated with the idea of embodiment and presence. As a choreographer she created Intrusions (2002) and Collection of Triggers (2005); for the French dance company Synalephe, with choreographer Maxime Iannarelli she choreographed Beyond Project (2001) with eight blind actors of different ages from the group Shin Bodo in Taiwan, DUET OcReTerrE (2001), Songes – A Trip to the City`s Heart (2001) and Dream of a Chinese Fish (2005). As a dancer she has worked in the productions Tok Pisin (2003) by Jo Stromgren Kompani (NO) and Creatura (2005) by Jean Marc Heim (CH).

Her first project in Ljubljana was made during her three-month residency in Slovenia as a laureate of Pépinieres européenes pour jeunes artistes as part of the mapXXL programme. (


concept and performed by
Yasmine Hugonnet

created and performed by
Yasmine Hugonnet
Teja Reba
Nataša Živković

light design and technical director
Davor Balent

space advisor
Mitja Novak

Tit Brecelj
Yasmine Hugonnet

graphic design


executive producer
Jana Renee Wilcoxen

Pépinieres européenes pour jeunes artistes
Plesni Teater Ljubljana
program Agon
program mapXXL

thanks to Davor Balenti, Elise v. Bernstorff, Maja Delak, Maxime Iannarelli. Gregor Kamnikar, Mala Kline, Iztok Kovač, Mitja Novak, Jani Wilcoxen

The program of EN-KNAP is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana - Departement for Culture.