Ana Stegnar

Thirst, a physiological need, we feel it as an intensive inner state.   

Similar states lead the actors to the edge of radical; with it they open questions about human freedom and limitations. Stage language combines different physical techniques, from dance to acrobatics into a particular expression, at times poetic, in some moments cruelly real.  

The performance will be inspired by a short story from Julio Cortazar (End of the lap), which will, like Ariadina’s thread, lead the viewer through the labyrinth of sensations and impressions.      

Premiere: 29/09/2006
Stara elektrarna, ljubljana


created and performed by

Milla Koistinen
Said Gharbi
Giovanni Scarcella
Larbi Ajabboune

artistic direction
Ana Stegnar

Remco de Jong aka Phako

costume and set design
Britt Angé and Frédéric Denis

light design and technical director
Isabelle Van Peteghem


Exodos Ljubljana
KVS Bruxelles
Ultima Vez/Dance Web Europe
Théâtre de la Balsamine

in cooperation with
kc nOna Mechelen, de Pianofabriek, Tor (Genk)

The program of EN-KNAP is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana - Departement for Culture.