March 2020
Cultural institutions and theatres around the world are closing their doors. Now what?
Despite the limitations of isolation, the dancers of the EN-KNAP Group continue their creative work - not as a group in a studio, but as a group, each from home. They discover new ways to further create, keep fit and look for new forms of communication and new ways of creating a show without working together in the same space

October 2020
In anticipation of declaring a second wave of the epidemic and re-closing of the theatres, the creators decide to hold the premiere five weeks before the scheduled date.

The starting point for the performance was the essay Superfluous Man, a reflection by the writer Ilija Trojanow on the destructive force of capitalism, which systematically renounces both man and humanity in the name of profit. When the current epidemiological situation and restrictions are included in the reflection, the questions he poses in the essay become even more relevant: Who is superfluous and to whom? Who among us is unnecessary? Do we even exist if we do not produce or consume? How thin is the line between useful and unnecessary?

In spring 2020 the EN-KNAP Group dancers recorded their research, ideas and challenges to each other in isolation as a series of videos, which they exchanged daily and at the same time posted publicly online. In June 2020, after two months of isolation, this abundance of individual material was transferred back to the studio and collectively developed into individual sequences of the show “Superfluous”.

The elements of the performance include a series of pre-prepared as well as unpredictable sequences, the unique structure of which is determined by the performers over and over again in each performance. This is the source of various subtitles, which further give meaning to the basic theme of the show.

The performance is always complemented and directed by a guest musician, who is performing his original music (Damir Avdić, Tomaž Grom or Samo Kutin) and a light designer (Jaka Šimenc), which represents an additional unpredictable challenge and incentive for the dancers of the EN-KNAP Group.

As an introduction to the show, we invite you to watch the YouTube series SUPERFLUOUS, which the dancers created during the quarantine: LINK

»On the dance floor, therefore, the power of improvisation is intensively and continuously conceived, sophisticated sensory perceptions that flow, follow and upgrade are generated. And not even in the sense of a jam session, it’s more than that – we see something to be conquered and built within ourselves, within the flexibility of the body and the sensibility which is in harmony with our inner senses, both within the dance group and with the musical component. The performance follows as an in-depth musical-dance narrative, almost like a novel that depicts the situation and narrates. “Superfluous” is a readable choreographic creation that reflects on our current situation and on our community while exposing the duets of struggles and consonances, solo exclamations, as well as the arrogant display of superiority when illusion enters the space.«
Daliborka Podboj,, 5.11.2020

Concept: Iztok Kovač
Performed and created by: EN-KNAP Group (Giorgia Belotti, Luke Thomas Dunne, Katja Kolarič, Rada Kovačević, Radoslav Piovarči, Tamás Tuza)
Live music: Damir Avdić, Tomaž Grom, Samo Kutin (izmenično)
Light design: Jaka Šimenc
Set design: Iztok Kovač, Jaka Šimenc
Costumes: Katarina Škaper (Atelje d.o.o.)
Props: EN-KNAP Group
Based on the book: Ilija Trojanow, »Superfluous Man«
The music in the video trailer by: Tomaž Grom, Osamitev / Zaklep 03
Production: Zavod EN-KNAP

EN-KNAP Group Rehearsal Director: Nohemi Barriuso, Luke Thomas Dunne, Ana Štefanec Knez
Technical Coordinator: Jaka Šimenc
Technicians: Omar Ismail, Leon Curk, Hotimir Knific, Gal Škrjanec Skaberne

Executive Producer: Karmen Keržar
Public Relations and Editing: Nina Smerkol
Marketing: Goran Pakozdi

Expert associate for Finances and Business management: Zala Česnik
Program Management and Coordination of Educational activities: Katja Gabrijelčič
Head of finance: Julija Travančić
Španski Borci Cultural Centre Director, EN-KNAP Productions - Programme Manager and Head of Productions: Marjeta Lavrič
EN-KNAP Productions Managing Director, Španski Borci Cultural Centre Artistic Director: Iztok Kovač

The programme of EN-KNAP Productions, administrator of Španski Borci, is financially supported by: City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture, which also supports Španski Borci activities, and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia