La Chute du Belzebub

Denes Debrei

The performance explores the relationship between power and disorganisation. The author’s approach to the scene and the space introduces engagements of the actor and the dancer, movements and the actor’s silence. Disorganisation is a mental projection of poetic activity in a social context. It appears as a manipulation with objects and simple systems, which are appearing during the play. The man in black, burdened by this problematic, tries to solve the unsolvable.  

Premiere: 22/01/2007
Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana


idea, choreography and performed by

Denes Debrei

directed by
Lydie Carras

Laurent Rochelle

light design
Lydie Carras

techincal light assistance
Zoran Grabarac

costume design
Heni Varga

set design
Franck Cantereau

techincal assistance
Latifa Leforestier
Cecile Chatelier
Zoran Grabarac

touring manager
Tomaž Gerdina

Autresens uzine d`art et d`essais

Les 39 Marches
Ud des Sens

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