Taming the Time

Iztok Kovač

Walking, the four protagonists are trying to find their way. But in the art of walking, there are seven rules. When one strictly follows these rules and when the circumstances are in favor, the encounter happens. There is limitless number of possible encounters and each encounter has its own feel. After sharing experience of their journeys the protagonists go their separate ways - heading for the next encounter.

Premiere: 04/04/2002
5th slovenian film festival, Portorož


directed by
Dan Oki


Iztok Kovač

performed by
Aleš Hadalin, vocal
Žiga Golob, double base
Krunoslav Levačić, drums
Teo Martinović, keyboards

director of photography

Žiga Koritnik

sound design

Hanna Preuss
Borut Berden


Hanna A.W. Slak

costume designer

Uroš Belantič



In production were involved
Valter Kobal
Iztok Kovač
Karla Železnik
Jožko Rutar


TV coordinatior

Marko Pöschl

editorship for classical music - editor and producer

Nada Marošek Tomažinčič

producer of arts programmes

Tanja Prinčič

editor-in-chief of TV arts programmes
dr. Melita Zajc

camera operators

Žiga Koritnik
Dan Oki
Iztok Kovač
Marija Prusina
Dunja Sablić
Liza Žufić

camera assistant

Gregor Sitar

sound recording

Marjan Cimperman

sound recording assistant

Brane Zupan

light&set coordinator
Jaka Šimenc

still photographer

Žiga Koritnik

film editors
Zlatjan Čučkov
Stane Otorepec


Studio Kobe

technical support

Filmski studio Viba film

film insurance

Zavarovalnica Triglav

S8 mm lab

Kodak S.A./ Renens


Artisan Studio/ Amsterdam

sound postproduction

Studio Ritem

video postproduction

Studio Kobe

film was made with financial support of the Slovenian Film Fund

media sponsor

thanks to population of village Velo Grablje, Vitrum Publishing, STRUP Produkcija, Sašo Podgoršek, Jurij Krpan Oktober

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.