Bence Mezei

Hungary (1991), member of EnKnapGroup since May 2012.

Bence Mezei studied dance at the Hungarian Dance Academy, and attended several dance courses during his studies. At a young age he was working as a child actor taking up roles in musicals and plays. After graduation he worked as a freelance dancer with choreographers from Hungary and abroad and collaborated with an improvisational dance-theatre from Budapest. He became a member of the Slovenian Dance Ensemble: EnKnapGroup, in 2012 where he worked with various contemporary dance, theatre and filmmakers. He shares a Župančič Award with EnKnapGroup for his past 5 years work and impact on the Slovenian cultural scene. Upon leaving the ensemble, in 2017, he began making his own work and collaborates with the New York based performance enterprise, Nature Theater of Oklahoma. At present he is based in Hungary, Eger.

Production with EN-KNAP: