EN-KNAP finishing its new dance film

The film titled Vašhava represents the peak of EN-KNAP’s film production, which to date includes five dance films and six documentaries. Thematically the new film will round up EN-KNAP’s 15 years of reflection on an industrial era that marked the mining town of Trbovlje. An uncertain future awaits the industrial and mining facilities that have dominated over the town and transformed it for over 150 years, and which have been captured on EN-KNAP’s films, as they face an imminent demolition.

In Kovač’s homage to his hometown, the film follows the international dance company EnKnapGroup, the only permanent contemporary dance ensemble in Slovenia, as they face the mining facilities for the ultimate time before disappearing forever from the collective conscious. The dancers part with them in a dignified way. For the last time they fill them up with their own vitality of life. The arduous toil of their forefathers is transposed by EN-KNAP’s refined dance expression, which is solidified with the help of the English, Swedish, Hungarian, Croatian and Slovenian dancers.

Because of the looming demolition of these objects, the film crew was forced to unexpectedly expedite the film shooting. 

The fillm thematically concludes 20 years of EN-KNAP Productions, which was celebrated in May 2013 with several days of an international programme taking place in Španski Borci Cultural Centre, which EN-KNAP administers. 

At the occasion, EN-KNAP released double DVD with its entire film production. Information and orders: office@en-knap.com.

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