EKG Overview 25-29 March

In times that are not prosperous for dance, we are happy to announce that in 2015 we have expanded our international cast of EnKnapGroup, the only Slovenian permanent company for contemporary dance, to 8 members, who come from Great Britain, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Croatia, France and Slovenia!

Join us in our celebration of dance between 25 and 29 March 2015 in Španski Borci Cultural Centre and also Slovenska Kinoteka Cinema, where we will present a selection of works from the repertoire of the company. At the occasion, within EKG Overview we will also present the dance performance Falcon! by the artistic director and founder of the Company, Iztok Kovač. Please note that the performance 27 March at 6.30 pm will be in the English language.

The international cast of exceptional dancers -creates under artistic direction of its founder, choreographer Iztok Kovač. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has created 19 full-evening performances with 24 authors - choreographers and directors of diverse aesthetics and backgrounds, a dance film and several works by the company.

In the EKG Overview, the company presents a selection of its works, some of which have appeared at the most prestigious international dance festivals and stages, while the company’s artistic director Kovač will also present his performance Falcon!. With the festival, we will accompany the group before it departs to the Netherlands to create a new international coproduction with the Dutch company Club Guy&Roni and the Israeli choreographer Guy Weizman.


WED, 25 March, 8 pm
Iztok Kovač
OTTETTO (8 Swings For His Highness)
EN-KNAP Productions / Dance performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Main hall / 60 min

THUR, 26 March, 8 pm
Edward Clug, Matjaž Farič, Jordi Casanovas, Iztok Kovač
10 MIN
EN-KNAP Productions, copr. SNG Maribor / Dance performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Main hall / 40 min

Csaba Molnár
EN-KNAP Productions, copr. Pajek – Spider Expand! / Dance performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Main hall / 22 min

FRI, 27 March, 6.30 pm
SUN, 29 March, 6 and 8 pm
Iztok Kovač, Janez Janša
EN-KNAP Productions, copr. Maska Ljubljana / Dance performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Small hall / 60 min

FRI 27. marec, 20:00
Matjaž Zupančič
EN-KNAP Productions / Theatre dance performance
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Main hall / 65 min

SAT, 28. marec, 20:00
Iztok Kovač / EnKnapGroup
EN-KNAP Productions / Music and dance intervention
Slovenska Kinoteka / 20 min

Sašo Podgoršek, Iztok Kovač
EN-KNAP Productions / Dance film
Slovenska Kinoteka / 29 min

Tickets: 20 eur for all events within EKG Overview, 8 eur per event (4 eur for the event in Slovenska Kinoteka) /*students, retired persons, unemployed, handicapped persons: 50% discount on regular prices


The operation "EKG+, Contemporary Dance Company" is implemented through the instrument "New Career Perspectives II". The operation is part financed by the European Union and is being carried out within the “Operational Programme for Human Resources Development”, priority axis "Reinforcing social inclusion" activity field "Increased employability of vulnerable groups in the field of culture and support to their social inclusion”.

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