The Aerowaves Twenty21 artists announced!

We are glad to announce the Twenty21 choreographers. The 2021 line-up brings works from 14 countries and displays once more how rich Europe’s emerging dance scene is in its diversity of themes and aesthetics.

Aerowaves Twenty21 Artists are:

Alexandros Stavropoulos with ‘Cinderella’s’, Greece

Anastasia Valsamaki with ‘Body Monologue’, Greece

Adriano Bolognino/Anghiari Dance Hub with ‘Gli Amanti’ – Anghiari Dance Hub, Italy

Cécile Da Costa/ProFitArt with ‘Roselyne’, Czech Republic

Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár with ‘Masterwork’, Hungary

Jenna Hendry & Matilda Bilberg with ‘I U M I’, Switzerland/Sweden

Laura - The Light of All and Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes with ‘Blondes’, Finland

Lois Alexander with ‘Neptune’, The Netherlands

Marta Cerqueira with ‘SubLinhar’, Portugal

Moritz Ostruschnjak with ‘Tanzanweisungen (it won’t be like this forever)’, Germany

Poliana Lima with ‘Things move but do not say Anything’, Spain

Ramona Nagabczyńska with ‘Body Parts’, Poland

Rebecca Journo with ‘La Ménagère’, France

Renae Shadler & Collaborators with ‘SKIN’, Germany

Rhys Dennis & Waddah Sinada/FUBUNATION with ‘Ruins’, United Kingdom

Rudi Cole & Julia Robert/Humanhood with ’Torus’ United Kingdom/Spain

Sabina Bockova & Johana Pockova with ‘The Lion’s Den’, Czech Republic

Su Güzey & Evrim Akyay with ‘Kitty Kitty’, Turkey

Sung Im Her with ‘Nutcrusher’, United Kingdom

Tereza Lenerová (Hradilková)/Floex and coll with ‘Don’t stop’, Czech Republic

The selection process of the Twenty21 –due to restrictions on travel and gathering– was organised differently from previous years. A jury of twelve assembled in Athens and worked alongside the remaining 30 partners online from across Europe. Although casting their votes as usual, the partners individually agreed to delegate final decisions to the jury of twelve.

We would like to send the warmest welcome and congratulations to our newly selected artists and special thanks to all the applicants for submitting their works.

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