Within its international programme in Španski Borci, EN-KNAP presents Hungarian New Wave (Gyula Cserepes, Bence Mezei), and Italian New Wave (Milano Piergiorgio and Marco D’Agostin). In May, EnKnapGroup premieres On The Edge, a double bill created by three of the most prominent and sought-after new names in European dance: GN I MC Guy Nader I Maria Campos, and Adrienn Hód. With the start of the new season and the opening of the Španski borci Cultural Center, EN-KNAP Productions again successfully organises, now already traditional events Plesna Nacionala and Hidden Dance Walk. EnKnapGroup performs at the 70th Anniversary of the Geological Survey of Slovenia. The Company presents the project Moving Stones in Sežana, and later travels to Bisceglie (Italy) to present it to their audience. In September, on the big international audition, the artistic director of the EN-KNAP Productions, Iztok Kovač, selects two new dancers. Within the Import-Export international programme by EN-KNAP Productions the following artists are presented: Bitef Teatar (Edward Clug), Marco D’Agostin and Piergiorgio Milan, Maciej Kuźmiński, Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper, Sead Bodhi Project, Igor & Moreno, Eva Duda Dance Company, Clément Layes, Jasna L. Vinovrski. In December EnKnapGroup together with the Nature Theater of Oklahoma (Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper) created Pursuit of happiness, which stands out from the repertoire of the dance company, as it is a "dance show with an hour and fifty minutes of text".

EN-KNAP carries out the project EKG+, Contemporary Dance Company, with an expanded 8-member cast of EnKnapGroup, and for the first time in the history of Slovenian contemporary dance the dancers are employed full-time. Numerous activities dedicated to culture education and promotion of dance take place within the project. EnKnapGroup premiere didactic dance performance Take a Chance on Dance. The company also successfully appears at non-dance festivals (63. Ljubljana Festival, 50. Maribor Theatre Festival, two of the most prominent Slovenian festivals). The company premieres its large international coproduction Phobia in Groningen, the Netherlands, and follows with the largest connected international tour in the history of Slovenian contemporary dance. EN-KNAP presents Hidden Dance Walk and VII Dance Internacionala.  Within the Import-Export international programme by EN-KNAP, Hodworks, Philippe Saire and Ruedis are presented in Španski Borci, and within Plesna Vesna year-round festival of young dance also Korean New Wave (Kim Bora, Moo Kim) and Austrian New Wave  (Alex Deutinger & Aleksander Gottfarb, Simon Mayer). In December, a historic event takes place in Španski Borci, with the last European appearance of Trisha Brown Dance Company within its Proscenium Works tour (1979-2011). 

EnKnapGroup presents three premieres:  a double bill by members of EnKnapGroup in collaboration with Academy of Visual Arts A.V.A., the first ever production for the youngest audiences (2 years +) Ant Ferocious, and theatre dance performance 20th Century Fog by  Matjaž Zupančič. The company also finishes creating the dance film Vašhava by Iztok Kovač and Sašo Podgoršek, which completes the 20-year reflection of the mining town of Trbovlje, and the film is presented at the Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož. The work of the company is marked by international appearances, among them of Ottetto in Belgium (Charleroi). Within the Import-Export international programme, which this season focuses on the topic of aging in dance, notable names of contemporary dance are presented in Španski Borci: Julyen Hamilton, Wendy Houstoun, Steve Paxton, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, Cesc Gelabert, Didier Théron and Zagreb Dance Company. The year-round Plesna Vesna festival presents Nik Rajšek, Csaba Molnár and Clement Dazin. EN-KNAP presents also other projects, among them the famous Bal Moderne. In November in Španski Borci EN-KNAP organises its largest audition to date, to which 430 candidates from 48 countries apply.

In March, Sebastijan Horvat’s Decision from 2008 is staged in Španski Borci. The creative tandem Iztok Kovač and director Sašo Podgoršek begin working on their latest dance film Vašhava. In May EN-KNAP celebrates its 20th anniversary with a two-week domestic and international programme. At the occassion, EN-KNAP reminds us of its roots in Belgium, where the international dance company En-Knap was established. The early works of the Flemish choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Wim Vandekeybus, are shown, while the programme features also Thierry de Mey, Oldenburg Dance Company (in a choreography by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar). 2013 sees a series of prominent international appearances with OTTETTO, a "visual masterpiece" by Iztok Kovač (Kreisezeitung): In April at Internationale Tanztage, Oldenburg, in June at Contemporary Dance Week, Zagreb, in August at Tanz im August, Berlin, in October in Bratislava at Bratislava in Movement, and in November in Bern, Chur, and Basel at Culturescapes Festival. In September ’68 premieres, a double bill created by three thrilling choreographers of a younger generation: Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek and Csaba Molnár, and performed by EnKnapGroup. In October Falcon!, the revival of Kovač’s solo How I Caught a Falcon from 1991, premieres. Created by Iztok Kovač and Janez Janša, the performance addresses questions of dance in a ripe age. The international programme Import-Export and the year-round Plesna Vesna young artist festival presents an array of thrilling artists in Španski Borci Cultural Centre: Howool Baek (Nothing for 60 MIN), I. Hellsten, E. Söderhult (Unnecessary Movement), A. Deutinger, M. Navarridas (Your Majesties), J. Trefelli, G. Varga (JINX 103), Compagnie par Terre (Yonder Woman), S. Tanguy, R. Sala Reyner, A. Marchal (Gerro, Minos and Him), M. Romero, P. Palacio (Stocos). In November EN-KNAP organises 5th Plesna Nacionala, national dance gathering with international observes, and in December Zametki (Inception) presenting a multidisciplinary platform in development, which has been given home in Španski Borci Cultural Centre.

In March, the world-renowned DV8 Physical Theatre perform their latest performance Can WeTalk About This? by Lloyd Newson in Španski Borci within Import-Export programme by EN-KNAP. The programme also features the Spring edition of Plesna Vesna in February with Howool Baek, Bloom! and Milán Újvári, while the programme also presents Diederik Peeters (March), Olga Pona and Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre (April), Antje Pfundtner (May), and Bitef Theatre in the choreography of Edward Clug (June). In April Iztok Kovač receives Župančič Award, the highest cultural award by the City of Ljubljana, for outstanding creations in art and culture between 2010-2012: for artistic direction of EnKnapGroup, creation of Beware Dance!, and choreographies in Tripple Bill (Oldenburg City Theatre), and Requiem (Mestno Gledališče Ljubljansko). In October the latest choreography by Iztok Kovač OTTETTO (8 Swings for His Highness) premieres in Španski Borci.

In the season of 2010-11, EN-KNAP Productions began the Import-Export International Programme which brings renowned international production of performing arts to Španski Borci and Ljubljana on a continuous, monthly basis. Between 23 and 25 May, EN-KNAP Productions together with the organiser, international dance network Aerowaves, organise the first international Spring Forward Festival, which in 3 days and 5 venues presents 22 companies; the festival is visited by 130 international guests from 35 countries. In March, EnKnapGroup revive S.K.I.N.; short segments and interventions of the performance are shown in Autumn in Ljubljana and in some other locations in Slovenia. In April, Slovenian premiere of Youdream, the latest production of Superamas follows; the performance was created also in Španski Borci within Import-Export residency programme. In October, Not Made for Flying has its Slovenian premiere. The coproduction of EN-KNAP and Deja Donne, choreographed by Simone Sandroni, tours extensively in Gemany, Italy and Czech Republic in Spring and Autumn 2011.

New members Tamás Tuza from Hungary and Evin Hadžijaljević from Slovenia join the group.
The focus this year is to introduce dance to young people as a fun and energetic art form, refute the stereotypes related to it, and help them discover the reasons behind the movements and choreographer’s decisions. Beware, Dance! has its premiere in Španski borci in May. In November, the premiere of the performance 10 Minutes South, created by an international cast of choreographers Jordi Casanovas, Dalija Aćin, David Zambrano and Olga Pona and theatre director Ivica Buljan, follows in Španski Borci.

The synergy of the group’s own aesthetic expression and other experimental dimensions of contemporary dance and theatre is a perspective also in year 2009, where in April new performance Cut Out directed by theatre director Bojan Jablanovec is premiered in The Old Power station. Immediately after the premiere of Cut Out, the group takes it on a three week tour around Balkan.Kaja Janjić collaborates as a guest performer. Portuguese choreographer Claudia de Serpa Soares finishes performance Raw in June, which opens the festival EKG Review, in the Old Powerplant, in Ljubljana. In October EN-KNAP Productions take over the administration of the Španski Borci Cultural Centre (’Spanish Fighters’). With this infrastructure EnKnapGroup gains its own resident stage.  The premiere of the performance 10 Minutes East in November at Španski Borci, created by five choreographers and directors László Hudi, Edward Clug, Snježana Abramović – Milković, Matjaž Farič, Iztok Kovač and Matjaž Berger.

One of the main orientations of the group in the first part of its existence is acceptance and articulation of different stage genres and poetics that is why the group invites known Slovene authors to collaborate. Premiere of the Decision, directed by Sebastijan Horvat and premiere of Order, choreographed by Matjaž Farič are separate pieces, but are presented as a double-bill in the mid April in The Old Powerplant in Ljubljana. The premiere of the performance My Kingdom for a Horse, choreographed by Iztok Kovač in September at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. With a premiere of this performance EKG is celebrating one year of its activity. This year is marked also by new members in the group, dancers Gyula Cserepes from Hungary and Lada Petrovski from Croatia, five special guests, while the production is taken over by Meta Lavrič. On the authentic location of an ex-store space Mavrica, in Ljubljana, choreographer Mala Kline and theatre director Tomi Janežič prepare together a performance Romeo and Public, where they include more guest performers.

Premiere of La Chute du Belzebub, choreographed by Denes Debrei. Premier of Masters of Time, choreographed by Iztok Kovač, in co-production with Cankarjev dom and National Theatre Maribor. In spring time more than 200 dancers from all over the world arrives to Ljubljana on the open audition. Artistic director Iztok Kovač decides for five members, who constitute an international group and with them builds the bases of EnKnapGroup -  the first permanent professional contemporary dance company in Slovenia. They are: Ana Štefanec and Katja Legin from Slovenia, Ilkem Ulugun from Turkey. Tomaš Nepšinsky from Slovakia and Luke Dunne from Great Britain. The newly created permanent dance group EnKnapGroup started with its work in July and presented its first creation, a dance event Celebration on 27th September 2007. The constitutional celebration in three parts (God, Family and State) was co-created by long term collaborators of En-Knap: choreographer and dancer Andreja Rauch, film director Sašo Podgoršek and Iztok Kovač. Celebration wasn’t only a performance, but an Event, which authorised the past and opened the door to the future as a recent past. The birth of the group happened and a celebration of that birth occurred. We celebrated all together: birthday, event and occurrence. And we all celebrated together: choreographers and dancers, creators and audience. We celebrated dance. Iztok Kovač presented his view on Slovene contemporary dance and unfolded new guidelines of EN-KNAP Production, the composer Drago Ivanuša for this occasion composed an anthem of EKG, and the event was animated by the members of female pension choir from Trbovlje. On each of the three premiere evenings public thanks was given for long term collaboration with EN-KNAP Production to Mitja Rotovnik, Sašo Podgoršek and John Ashford. Later that year the group moved to an idyllic location to Italian Umbria - Perugia, where they created a performance In Between, choreographed in two parts Earth and Sky by internationally acclaimed artists Lenka Flory and Simone Sandroni. Both pieces were premiered in Old Powerplant, Ljubljana on 26th November 2007.

Premiere of Passage deluxe, choreographed by Andreja Rauch. Premier of Thirst, choreographed by Ana Stegnar. Premier of Re-play, choreographed by Yasmine Hugonnet. Premier of Sonoria, choreographed by Hanna Preuss. Pre-Premier ’04, Kronika, artistically directed by Maja Delak. The EN-KNAP Productions is strengthened on production side by Tomaž Gerdina and Tina Dobnik. Premiere of Solitaire, choreographed by Iztok Kovač in ZeKaeM, theatre in Zagreb. Premier of dance film What are you going to do when you get out of here?, directed by Sašo Podgoršek as part of the 8.Slovene film festival. The jury of the festival awards it for best short and middle- length film, for best editing and best photography. Academy Viktor gives it an award for best documentary film. Kovač gets a Silver plaque award from the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, for outstanding achievements.


Premiere of Sixteen Turns by Jaka Šimec in Old Power plant (Stara Elektrarna), Ljubljana. Premiere of Gallery of death women, choreographed by Maja Delak and Mala Kline in Cankarjev dom. Premiere of Mozart- hype as I wanna be, choreographed by Iztok Kovač, music by Tomaž Grom in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana. Premiere of Weavers, choreographed by Andreja Rauch. The performance is, by the jury panel, awarded with the first price of the festival Gibanica ’07. Avant-Premiere ’03, Vzgoja nevidnega človeka, artistically directed by Maja Delak. Premiere of documentary film Under their skin, directed by Vlado Škafar.

Iztok Kovač is a guest choreographer of performance Avant premieres 2005 in a production from CNDC, in Grand Theatre d’Anger, France. Kovač directs the artistic section of state celebration for The State day, where he collaborates with the Association for contemporary dance which includes 13 of the most present choreographers of Slovenia.


The premiere of the performance Endless, choreographed by Iztok Kovač in La Filature Theatre in Mulhose, France. Kovač is a guest choreographer in a production of Sasha Waltz& Guests and creates the performance Dialogues ‘04 in Volksplast in Berlin, Germany. Premier of the first choreographic work by Mala Kline Campo de Fiori, which gets the Golden Bird award from Liberal academy. Premier of Rondinella, choreographed by Maja Delak and Mala Kline. Premier of Chesnut Brown, by Andreja Rauch. Premier of HI-RES, choreographed by Maja Delak and Mala Kline in Old Power plant, Ljubljana. Yearly production of Art gymnasium Pre-premier ’02, artistically directed by Maja Delak. Agon program is concluded with the performance Properly Blond, choreographed by Maja Delak and Mala Kline in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana.
In the season 2004/05 EN-KNAP Productions in collaboration with European program Culture 2000 successfully realizes the international project CIMET. As the leader of the project organization, with partners from Salzburg, Ancona, Novi Sad and Pula, exceeds the idea of mobility and multicultural exchange of dancers, choreographers and pedagogues. The program is organizationally led by Jana Wilcoxen, artistically by Maja Delak and Mala Kline. EN-KNAP Productions establishes a book collection Passages. The collection steps into the field of current problems, discourses of artistic and humanistic processes from the perspective of the flow of cultural and humanistic researches and activities, as well as formulation of contemporary cultural identities and theories. The chosen titles of the collection mainly want to support dance research and offer dance to express itself through the contents of current clashes and search in new media and in relation to it, and in that way to forward its creative drive. The editors of the collection are Maja Delak and Mala Kline.


EN-KNAP Productions celebrates first 10 years of activity, which is marked by one week program in Cankarjev Dom and other locations in Ljubljana. Many of the international collaborators that were part of the En-Knap history join the celebration. There are events, performances, concerts, premier and retrospective of dance film, workshops and lectures. The premier of the documentary From Falcon to Diva, directed by Sašo Podgoršek takes place, as well as the performance Throw of the Dice, created together by Iztok Kovač and Sašo Podgoršek, which brings together the collaborators of the EN-KNAP Productions from different generations and different periods of its activity. In November S.K.I.N., choreographed by Iztok Kovač and Julyen Hamilton is being premiered in Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana. The production is run by Jana Wilcoxen. The EN-KNAP Productions starts to collaborate with Art gymnasium and takes over the production of yearly school events named Pre-Premier. First Pre-Premier ‘01 is artistically created by Maja Delak and Andreja Rauch. Iztok Kovač and Sašo Podgoršek prepare the celebration for the opening event of new space for the Slovene film studios - Viba Studios.


Premiere of Rebeka, choreographed by Andreja Rauch. Premier of Mezzanino, choreographed by Maja Delak. Premier of dance film Taming the Time, directed by Dan Okij. The main role in production part of the organization is taken by Jana Wilcoxen and in the context of the direction that the organization started to develop she expands the production also onto guest authors.
The Korean group LDP, which members are most talented graduates of Korean national art academy, invites Iztok Kovač to collaborate as a guest choreographer.The premier of Play on String happens at the end of April on Modafe festival in Munye Theatre in Seoul, South Korea.


Premiere of the performance Perfect Step?, choreographed by Iztok Kovač, music by Uroš Rojko in Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana. Premier of 6agon, choreographed by Maja Delak. On the suggestion of city of Munich and Joint Adventures organization, Iztok Kovač becomes the guest resident artist of the city. That is concluded at the end of the year with a performance Hu Die in prestige theatre Gasteig in Munich, choreographed by Iztok Kovač, Julyen Hamilton and Denes Debrei.


The premiere of the performance Emanatio Protei, chorographed by Iztok Kovač, music done by Vinko Globokar and Uroš Rojko takes place in Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana. Premier of the dance film by Sašo Podgoršek Dom Svobode on 3rd Slovene film festival, where it receives the award for best editing. The film also receives the “Golden Key” award on the Art Film International festival in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia by international jury panel. Premier of documentary Document of Freedom, directed by Sašo Podgoršek.


The premiere of the performance Far From Sleeping Dogs, choreographed by Iztok Kovač in Mousontum theatre in Frankfurt, Germany. The premier of the documentary Far from sleeping dogs, directed by Sašo Podgoršek. The EN-KNAP Productions strengthens its production team with Valter Kobal, Jožko Rutar and Nick Okkersej, expands its activity and takes the role of producer for close collaborators of the group, later also guest choreographers. Until 2007 when EnKnapGroup is established, different artists produce their work through the organization: Maja Delak, Andreja Rauch, Mala Kline, Julyen Hamilton, Denes Debrei, Jaka Šimec, Ana Stegnar, Yasmine Hugennot and Hanna Preuss. The performance Gina & Miovanni, choreographed by Maja Delak is premiered in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana, and is the first performance from EN-KNAP Productions that is not signed by Iztok Kovač.


Well known Israeli group Batsheva Dance Company invites Izok Kovač as a guest choreographer. The premier of the performance Hamsin ’98, music was done by Uroš Rojko, happened in Susanne Dellal Theatre in Tel Aviv. Maja Delak takes over the coordination for preparation and realization of educational program Art gymnasium for contemporary dance. First generation enters the program in 1999 and finishes it in 2003, as the gymnasium graduates in the direction for contemporary dance.


Codes of Cobra choreographed by Iztok Kovač is being premiered at the Springdance festival in Utrecht, Holland. The premier of documentary film En-Knap Open, directed by Sašo Podgoršek. The production is taken over by Valter Kobal, and touring is managed by George Kempter and Oonagh Duckworth. Iztok Kovač receives an award Tončke Čeč for cultural achievements, which is given to him by his hometown municipality of Trbovlje. EN-KNAP Productions establishes a regular dance education. From it comes the initiative and realization of the public high school for dance (Art gymnasium) and later also educational program AGON, which orientates on research in the field of contemporary dance and performance art. The activities in that are led by Maja Delak, later joined by Mala Kline.


In the beginning of the year Sting and String- First Touch is premiered in Cankarjev dom, in Ljubljana, choreographed by Iztok Kovač and later toured in Europe, Israel and Brazil. It receives first award for best performance in Tel Aviv on Suzanne Dellal International Dance competition. The organization of tour is taken over by Oonagh Duckworth. EN-KNAP Productions invites the director Sašo Podgoršek to collaborate for the first time. In continuation the tandem Kovač- Podgoršek creates 3 dance films, 5 documentaries, few stage productions and other events. For the films they receive many Slovene and foreign awards.

The premiere of the documentary More Bodies is on Slovene National Television directed by Sašo Podgoršek. The premier of the dance film Vertigo Bird, directed by Sašo Podgoršek and created in the natural locations of Kovač's birthtown Trbovlje. Next year, the jury of Slovene film marathon (the ancestor of Slovene film festival) in Portorož gives the artistic team the award for the best film of the year in Slovenia. In 1998, the film gets selected by the special jury section at the Springdance Cinema Award, in Uthecht, Holland. In 1997 the film is also part of the Art Film International festival in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia and receives the award of the mayor of city Trenčin.


The group En-Knap organizes new auditions and is creating a new performance, while the EN-KNAP Productions is producing a dance film Narava Beso, directed by Iztok Kovač and Patrick Otten, in co-production with Slovene and Belgian national TV. In 1997 film receives first award in category of Video Dance on Grand Prix International Video Dance in Stockholm in Sweden.


International group En-Knap permanently moves to Ljubljana and establishes EN-KNAP Productions. As a basic and key element of activity it keeps all the international connections, auditions and touring abroad. The organization is supported and funded by Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia and City Council of Ljubljana- Cultural department. The organization works with different foreign and Slovene co-producers including Cankarjev Dom, Film Fund of Slovenia, Slovenian National TV. These collaborations, all in all brings together more than 50 institutions from 14 countries. Andrej Žlježič takes over the production and the tour manager becomes Koen Kwanten. Iztok Kovač receives the award of Prešern foundation for choreography and interpretation of performances How I caught the falcon and Sread your wings (you clumsy elephant). This is the first time that the highest national cultural award in Slovenia is given to an artist coming from the field of contemporary dance, which even more so triggers the questions and discussions about autonomy and acceptance of well establish form of contemporary dance in Europe also at home. The video How I caught a falcon receives a special award on The Grand Prix International Video Dance in Stockholm, Sweden. Dance Europe magazine states that Iztok Kovač is one of the most talented, creative and ambitious European choreographers of his generation. Many similar statements appear in different European newspapers, which confirms that Iztok Kovač and En-Knap in these years became a big part of international dance scene and were recognized as one of most noticeable and distinctive contemporary dance groups.


The dancer and choreographer Iztok Kovač, through the support of Bruno Verbergt the director of the Klapstuk festival and Mark Deputter the director of the production house Stuc in Leuven (Belgium), establishes an international dance group En-Knap. For that purpose he organises the first audition. In the next years his auditions, master classes and workshops are attended by more then 3000 dancers. Spread your wings (you clumsy Elephant) is created as part of the Klapstuk festival in autumn this year. Premiered in Leuven, the performance lives on through more than 30 reprises around Europe.


In February 1991 Iztok Kovač performs his solo How I caught a Falcon for the first time in Trbovlje, the solo that later effectively shakes the European dance scene, because contemporary dance generally wasn’t created in the cultural context of East Europe, at least not before the fall of Berlin wall in 1989. Distributed by Mark Deputter, the performance gets more than 50 performances toured all over Europe and in 1993 receives an elite British award London Dance and Performance Award given by the Time Out magazine for best toured artists of that year. Also awarded that year are Merce Cunningham and Ron Vawter from Wooster Group.