EKG Activities

The year 2018 started with an extensive touring around Europe (Paris, Brussels), America (New York) and Asia (Hong Kong). In april, during the double anniversary week (25 years of EN-KNAP Productions and 10 years of EnKnapGroup), the company premiered their newest productions Dark Union in collaboration with the world renowened choreographer Josef Nadj.

At the beginning of the year EnKnapGroup is joined by the newest dancers Matea Bilosnić and Gilles Noël. The year in which EnKnapGroup group celebrates its 10 years of existence begins with the premier staging of the newest show by Iztok Kovač, Hellhound. This play for children presents in a very specific way the topic of violence and offers answers in a creative way. During the year the performance was presented on different Slovenian stages and theatres, and brought the dance art to a wide children’s audience. Just before the end of the dance season, the group presents an exceptional double evening, created together with the legendary Trisha Brown Dance Company and the world renowned choreographer and artist Josef Nadj. Set and Reset/Reset and Canard pekinois/Dark union, which was seen by more than 700 visitors in the week of the premiere, received outstanding criticism from the professional public and audiences alike. Shortly after the premiere, the company joins the  largest state dance institution in Germany, tanzmainz from Mainz and presents two pieces by Guy Nader and Maria Campos - LOOP DE LOOP and FALL SEVEN TIMES. The year 2017 represents for EnKnapGroup also the period of the most extensive worldwide tour during which the dancers performed on all major stages supporting contemporary art in Europe: Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Netherlands), Staatstheater Mainz (Germany), opening show of Nitra festival (Slovakia), opening show of the 50th steirischer herbst festival in Graz (Austria), four sold-off evenings at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin (Germany), Festspiele Ludwigshafen (Germany), kING Ingelheim (Germany), National Theater in Podgorica (Montenegro). The EnKnapGroups also opens two important Slovenian festivals with the performance of Pursuit of Happiness - Mladi Levi Festival in Ljubljana and Festival Drugajanje in Maribor. In December, the band re-started its collaboration with the world-renowned choreographer Josef Nadj, who will present his latest full-evening work Dark Union in 2018.

The year begins with the completion of the Dutch tour, in Utrecht and Groningen, where the group performs the show Phobia. After nine years and achieving artistic maturity, EnKnapGroup present the premiere of On The Edge, a double bill created by three of the most prominent and sought-after new names in European dance: GN I MC Guy Nader I Maria Campos, and Adrienn Hód. The performances push the company to their physical and psychological limits. Later the Company presents the project Moving Stones in Sežana, and than travels to Bisceglie (Italy) to present it to their audience. In 2016 the company begin collaborating also with Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper of Nature Theater of Oklahoma, with whom they create Pursuit of Happiness, that premieres in December in Španski Borci.

In January, an expanded 8-member cast within EnKnapGriup starts to work within the 2015 EKG+, Contemporary Dance Company Project. In March, the company premieres dtidactic dance performance for teenagers, Take a Chance on Dance. A 5-day EKG Overview festival takes place in March in Španski Borci and Slovenska Kinoteka. In May the company, together with the Dutch group Club Guy & Roni and musicians Slagwerk Den Haag present the avant-premiere of Slovene-Dutch coproduction Phobia by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver in Španski Borci. In August Phobia is sold-out three times at the largest venue of the 25th edition of one of the most prominent European festival of performing arts, Noorderzon in Groningen, the Nethelands. The largest connected international tour in the history of Slovenian contemporary dance follows in the Netherlands and Germany. By the end of the year, the company also present their work at several prominent non-dance festivals, among them 63 Ljubljana Festival (with Phobia), the most important theatre festival in Slovenia - 50 Maribor Theatre Festival (with 20th Century Fog), and 22 Primorska Summer Festival (Take a Chance on Dance). Year-round the company is active in the areas of culture education and dance promotion across Slovenia, within its EKG+, Contemporary Dance Company Project.

In January the company present Ottetto in Charleroi, Belgium (at Les Écuries, Charleroi Danses). In February, EnKnapGroup members set out in a duo  and trio on an artistic journey along with students from the Academy of Visual Arts A.V.A., Ljubljana, which yields a double bill: What Remains (Tamás Tuza and Štefanec) and What Happens When You Touch It (Ida Hellsten, Luke Thomas Dunne and Bence Mezei). In 2014 the film-making duo Iztok Kovač and director Sašo Podgoršek completes Vašhava, a dance film which features EnKnapGroup members from the current and former casts. The film premieres in September at the Slovene Film Festival. In November, a big international audition for EnKnapGroup takes place in Španski Borci, where three new company members are selected, to participate in the company within EKG+, Contemporary Dance Company Project. Even though EN-KNAP had organised over 50 international auditions across the world, this audition received a record number of applications - over 430 from 48 countries from across the world, which testifies to international reputation of EnKnapGroup and interest in working with the company. In December, the company premiere theatre dance performance 20th Century Fog by the playwright and theatre director Matjaž Zupančič.


In March, the group revive Sebastijan Horvat’s Decision from 2008. Within the May celebrations of the 20th anniversary of EN-KNAP Productions, the company participate at a special Disform dance and music improvisation series titled EX-KNAP with former and present EN-KNAP collaborators, and also at a special expanded version of Beware, Dance!. 2013 sees a series of prominent international appearances with OTTETTO, a "visual masterpiece" by Iztok Kovač (Kreisezeitung): In April at Internationale Tanztage, Oldenburg, in June at Contemporary Dance Week, Zagreb, in August at Tanz im August, Berlin, in October in Bratislava at Bratislava in Movement, and in November in Bern, Chur, and Basel at Culturescapes Festival. In February and March, Ottetto is also presented in Ljubljana at Gibanica festival and at annual culture fair Kulturni Bazar. In September ’68 premieres, a double bill created by three thrilling choreographers of a younger generation: Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek and Csaba Molnár. The performance recontextualises the questions of the revolutionary year of 1968, making them relevant for present-day. In 2013 the company performs also 10 MIN and S.K.I.N.-EKG from its repertory (in December, S.K.I.N. - EKG is presented also in Levigne, Festival Free Heel), while in September TamásTuza presents a reprise of his Motion Pictures/Gibljive slike (with Omar Ismail).

On 10 April, CTRL-ART-DEL premieres. In this project by EKG, the existing cast of the company faces the challenge to "reset" themselves before new projects with the ensemble, and to discover their artistic expression. In the March audition, new members of EKG are selected: Swedish dancer Ida Hellsten and Hungarian dancer Bence Mezei, while Gyula Cserepes leaves the group. In the beginning of April, the new cast begins creating the latest dance performance by Iztok Kovač, Octet, that will premiere on 23 October 2012. The company also begins shooting the new EN-KNAP dance film authored by the creative tandem Iztok Kovač and director Sašo Podgoršek. The film under the working title ’Vašhava’ presents the peak of EN-KNAP film production and its 20 years of reflection of the working and mining environment of the Trbovlje valley. In June Iztok Kovač receives Župančič Award, the highest award of the City of Ljubljana for outstanding artistic creations in the period 2010-2012, among them also for artistic direction of EnKnapGroup. In October OTTETTO (8 Swings for His Highness), the latest choreography by Iztok Kovač, premieres in Španski Borci.


In January EKG present Beware Dance! at the popular Ljubljana Bobri festival for children. In February, 5 vignettes within the 10 MIN project chosen by the selectors of Contemporary Dance Platform Gibanica  2011 open the platform. A 10 MIN selection by Nina Meško features also at the 1st ever Conference on Dance Medicine in Španski Borci. In March, the performance S.K.I.N. with Sebastiano Tramontana is revived within Disform, a music improvisation series by Sploh. In summer, EnKnapGroup tour with 10 MIN Project in Zagreb (Tjedan suvremenog plesa/Contemporary Dance Week), Ljubljana (June in Ljubljana), Budapest (Slovenian Days in Budapest) and Novi Sad (Infant Festival). With the Italian chorepgrapher Simone Sandroni, the co-founder of Flamish company Ultima Vez, they are creating a new performance Not Made For Flying, a co-production of EN-KNAP and Italian Deja Donne, which deals with the tensions between the human and heroic in life. Slovenian premiere of Not Made For Flying took place on 17 October 2011 in Španski Borci, while the performance toured extensively around Eruope in Spring and Autumn 2011. In December, the hit performance Beware, Dance! saw as many as seven repetitions.


The company is joined by two new members: Tamás Tuza (Hungary) and Evin Hadžijaljević (Slovenia). The group focuses on presenting contemporary dance to young audiences as a vibrant and energetic art form refuting stereotypes related to it. The didactic performance Beware, Dance! is created and premieres in May in Španski Borci Cultural Centre. In November, another premiere follows: 10 MIN South, an omnibus of an international cast of choreographers and authors Dalija Aćin (Serbia), Ivica Buljan (Croatia), Jordi Casanovas (Spain), Olga Pona (Russia) and David Zambrano (Venezuela-Netherlands).

The synergy of the group’s own aesthetic expression and other experimental dimensions of contemporary dance and theatre is a perspective also in year 2009, where in April new performance Cut Out directed by theatre director Bojan Jablanovec is premiered in The Old Power station. Immediately after the premier of Cut Out, the group takes it on a three week tour around Balkan. Kaja Janjić collaborates as a guest performer. Portuguese choreographer Claudia de Serpa Soares finishes performance Raw in June, which opens the festival EKG Review, in the Old Powerplant, in Ljubljana. From October EN_KNAP Productions are in charge of running the Cultural Centre "Španski borci" (Spanish fightrs) and ith this infrastructure EnKnapGroup gains its own stage - home. The premiere of the performance 10 Minutes East in november at Španski borci. Done by five choreographers and directors Lászl


One of the main orientations of the group in the first part of its existence is acceptance and articulation of different stage genres and poetics that is why the group invites known Slovene authors to collaborate. Premiere of the Decision, directed by Sebastijan Horvat and premiere of Order, choreographed by Matjaž Farič are separate pieces, but are presented as a double-bill in the mid April in The Old Powerplant in Ljubljana. The premiere of the performance My Kingdom for a Horse, choreographed by Iztok Kovač in September at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. With a premiere of this performance EKG is celebrating one year of its activity. This year is marked also by a new members in the group  Gyula Cserepes from Hungary and Lada Petrovski from Croatia, five special guests, and the production is taken over by Meta Lavrič. On the authentic location of an ex-store space Mavrica, in Ljubljana, choreographer Mala Kline and theatre director Tomi Janežič prepare together a performance Romeo and Public, where they include more guest performers.

In Spring 2007, more than 200 dancers from all over the world arrives to Ljubljana on the open audition. Artistic director Iztok Kovač decides for five members, who constitute an international group and with them builds the bases of EnKnapGroup -  the first permanent professional contemporary dance company in Slovenia. These are: Ana Štefanec and Katja Legin from Slovenia, Ilkem Ulugun from Turkey. Tomaš Nepšinsky from Slovakia and Luke Thomas Dunne from Great Britain. The newly created permanent dance group EnKnapGroup started with its work in July and presented its first creation, a dance event Celebration on 27th September 2007. The constitutional celebration in three parts (God, Family and State) was co-created by long term collaborators of En-Knap: choreographer and dancer Andreja Rauch, film director Sašo Podgoršek and Iztok Kovač. Celebration wasn’t only a performance, but an Event, which authorised the past and opened the door to the future as a recent past. The birth of the group happened and a celebration of that birth occurred. We celebrated all together: birthday, event and occurrence. And we all celebrated together: choreographers and dancers, creators and audience. We celebrated dance. Iztok Kovač presented his view on Slovene contemporary dance and unfolded new guidelines of EN-KNAP Production , the composer Drago Ivanuša for this occasion composed an anthem of EKG , and the event was animated by the members of female pension choir from Trbovlje. On each of the three premier evenings public thanks was given for long term collaboration with EN-KNAP Production to Mitja Rotovnik, Sašo Podgoršek and John Ashford.  Later that year the group moved to an idyllic location to Italian Umbria - Perugia, where they created a performance In Between, choreographed in two parts Earth and Sky by internationally acclaimed artists Lenka Flory and Simone Sandroni. Both pieces were premiered in Stara Elektrarna, Ljubljana on 26th November 2007.