Španski Borci Cultural Centre is a place where dance from East and West meets dance from the South. It is the largest venue in Slovenia (a 2200 m² public infrastructure) dedicated to promoting contemporary dance, and is located in the capital, Ljubljana. Administered by EN-KNAP Productions since 2009, it became a performance venue, production centre, research and training centre, and a meeting point for domestic and international dance.

Year-round the centre, whose socialist-modernist architecture represents a monument of Slovene architectural heritage, offers about 200 dance performances and 400 other events, attended by over 45,000 visitors. It provides rehearsal, production and coproduction facilities, dance classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, activities for children and youth, dance education for school teachers, education for stage technicians, as well as local-oriented site-specific events with a strong social note.

Španski Borci is also the domestic stage and rehearsal space for the international dance company EnKnapGroup, the only permanent ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia.

EN-KNAP Productions offers two international programmes in the centre: Import-Export, with acclaimed international dance and performing arts authors and companies, and Plesna Vesna year-round festival, which features young European dance, drawing from the Aerowaves network open call applications (in 2015, the festival was awarded EFFE, a label honouring Europe’s finest festivals).

The diverse domestic programme of the centre is co-created by nearly 30 Slovenian programme partners from the NGO and the public sector.

Španski Borci is a new meeting point for local, regional and international contemporary dance, performing arts, and also music.


Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Zaloška 61
SI-1110 Ljubljana
phone + 386 (0) 1 620 87 84
fax: + 386 (0) 1 620 87 82
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Španski Borci premises:
main performance hall (360 seats with 16 m x 14 m stage; 80 seats at the balcony) small performance hall (60 seats with 6 m x 6 m stage), a multi-purpose hall that can be used as a rehearsal studio, lecture or projection room, or warderobe for larger events, dance studio (120m²), book and media libraries suitable for lectures, seminars, literary events, round tables (removed from the café chatter), a café and a gallery spreading over two floors (360m²) suitable for exhibitions, small-scale concerts, conferences and social events with a capacity of 80 seats, terrace and ancillary rooms, which include offices, changing rooms and a meeting room.